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White House Launches ‘Kid Science Advisors’ Program

Education News – Ina Krasteva

“Following a commitment from President Obama to encourage more STEM education opportunities for young Americans, the White House has announced the launch of a brand new advisory outreach program called “Kids Science Advisors.” The purpose of the new initiative is to encourage students to share their views on the future of science and to inspire the next generation of innovators. At the 6th Annual White House Fair in April, President Obama met 9-year-old home-schooled scientist and inventor Jacob Leggete from Baltimore. Using a 3D printer, Jacob managed to create everything from a bubble-blowing wand to a mini model of the White House. The future engineer from Baltimore approached the President and asked whether he had a kid science advisory board…Inspired by Jacob’s idea, the White House launched a dedicated website where the children may share their views on science, technology, engineering, and math education.”(more)

Cyber bullying still a 24/7 risk during school holidays, parents warned

ABC News – Mazoe Ford

“With schools broken up for the year, parents are being urged to be on the look-out for their children being targeted by cyber bullies. Kids Helpline senior counsellor Leo Hede told the ABC that as the number of websites, messenger services and apps grows, so too does the number of Australian children being bullied online…Mr Hede said this type of bullying could really impact young people’s lives…Experts urge children who are being cyber bullied to block the bully, save the evidence, strengthen social media privacy settings, and report the behaviour…”(more)

Federal Student Loans Expand To Cover Some Coding Boot Camps

NPR Ed – Meg Anderson

“Starting soon, students will be able to use federal loans to pay for certain coding boot camps, the immersive web development courses that promise to make students into programming experts in just a few months. The experimental program will allow traditional accredited colleges to partner with coding boot camps and other short-term certification programs. Because they’re attached to colleges, the U.S. Department of Education will be able to evaluate their effectiveness…Although the courses are unaccredited, the people behind them say the price is worth it. They say 90 percent or more of graduates are landing jobs.”(more)

New York Times Science Site Targets Curious (But Distractible) Students

Education Week – Liana Heitin

“”School is out, but science is everywhere.” That’s the tagline for a new, savvy feature on the New York Times website called “Summer of Science.” The microsite has bite-size, ADHD-friendly explanations of, well, cool science stuff. For instance, last week there was a post on the rare six-inch pocket shark, which has narrow slits (“pockets”) above its fins that have befuddled scientists…”We’re trying to make sure we present complicated science in a way that is understandable to anyone,” Heather Murphy, the deputy digital director for the Times science desk, told NiemanLab, “regardless of their science background.””(more)