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Education is the topic for the new World Development Report

The World Bank – KAUSHIK BASU

“Education is central to improving human welfare and to achieving the goals of eliminating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Schooling was recognized as vital to achieving the MDGs, and it remains front and center in the SDGs. Yet there has never been a World Development Report (WDR) on education. As a result, I have just announced that the WDR 2018—with a working title of Realizing the Promise of Education for Development—will fill this gap by taking stock of what the development community has learned, and how it can strengthen and expand education systems to drive significantly more development and growth.”(more)

World Bank Provides $390 Million More to Education Projects in Bangladesh

Education News – M. Nadeem

“The World Bank has approved a total of $390 million in additional financing for two ongoing projects to improve education in Bangladesh…“Investing in education is investing in a country’s future”, said Johannes Zutt, World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh and Nepal.”(more)

Mozambique: Head of World Bank Promises to Promote Education – Elias Samo Gudo

“The President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, has pledged to help raise the quality of education in Mozambique…He stated that the main objective of his institution in Mozambique is the eradication of extreme poverty and greater prosperity for the forty per cent of the population that are currently at the bottom of the economic ladder.”(more)

World Bank Helps Morocco Address Education Quality and Governance

The World Bank – Press Release

“A US$100 million loan will continue support to reforms in Morocco’s education system that aim to improve access to quality education for all children…“Education is key to Morocco’s development because of the strong connections between poverty, schooling and economic opportunity,” said Simon Gray, World Bank Maghreb Country Director.”(more)