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Beijing promotes low-paid college grads to startup CEOs


“That attitude finds an echo in high places; recent graduates who start their own businesses are being hailed in state media as a new creative class that will build China’s Silicon Valley.”Creatives show the vitality of entrepreneurship and innovation among the people, and such creativity will serve as a lasting engine of China’s economic growth,” Premier Li Keqiang said in January. “I will stoke the fire of innovation with more wood.””(more)

Yes! Your creativity is what the world needs

CREATIVE SOMETHING – Tanner Christensen

“For a long time I believed – as I think many of us are taught – that creative geniuses were special.It’s such a common belief that to be someone who solves problems with creativity, you have to be exceptional at what you do. Or the belief that if you want to be an artist you have to be born with an artists mind, that’s a fallacy too.Really, artists and creative geniuses, successful entrepreneurs, famous writers, all of the people you looked up to and still do, they are all exactly like you when it comes to creativity.”(more)

Global Dimensions of Math

Education Week – Anthony Jackson

“Every curricular area has a global dimension that can be taught in the classroom, including math…math helps us understand the world—and we use the world to understand math. The world is interconnected and math shows these connections and possibilities…The global era will demand these skills of its citizens—the education system should provide students the wherewithal to be proficient in them.” (more)

The Language of Life: Five ways language learning will make your child smarter

The Sacramento Bee – ANGELA JACKSON

“Looking for a new activity this fall for your child? Try language learning. I like to say it is the super activity of activities – akin to a “super food.” In addition to the utility of a language, there are many other benefits that lead to your child becoming smarter overall!” (more)

Benefits of Learning by Doing and Doing While Learning: Manos a la Obra

Education Week – Kaitlin Thomas

“Perhaps of all the challenges unique to the teaching of foreign language and culture, most enigmatic is trying to identify ways to make grammar and vocabulary relevant to the daily life and real-world experiences of teenagers and adults…the answer instead lay in bringing the classroom out into the world…” (more)

Message from UNESCO’s Director-General – Irina Bokova

“On World Book and Copyright Day, UNESCO invites all women and men to rally around books and all those who write and produce books. This is a day to celebrate books as the embodiment of human creativity and the desire to share ideas and knowledge, to inspire understanding and tolerance.”(more)