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Improving Learner Outcomes

Language Magazine – David Bong

“The world of language assessment is endlessly fascinating. What, why, and how we measure language skills are constantly evolving to incorporate new strategies and technologies as the field becomes increasingly aware of how language testing can improve learner outcomes.” (more)

Forget Memorization: Here’s Why Language Class Should Focus on Excitement Instead

Ed Surge – Kristen Wolf

“When I was in middle school, I was diagnosed with a learning disability, so the “typical” school experience was always a challenge for me. I struggled to sit still, focus, engage and memorize. School often left me feeling inadequate. I became a teacher to empower students who feel as disconnected as I did. As a teacher of world language, I want my students to realize that you don’t have to learn Spanish by studying verb conjugations out of a textbook every day. A language is something to absorb, not to memorize. I want it to be an experience they enjoy, filled with culture and stories.” (more)

PISA Menu to Include Global Competency

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“In Kurashiki, Japan, last month, the G7 Education Ministers Meeting brought together representatives from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, U.S., EU, UNESCO, and the OECD to discuss the future of education in the world’s most powerful and affluent nations. They agreed that an assessment of global competence would provide a metric to measure progress in this area…International education, language education, and cultural studies are key to the success of the G7’s proposals for a new role of education…Beyond the ability to live and work in another language, world language education will help develop precisely the skills and values that the Kurashiki Declaration aims to promote, such as cultural respect, flexible thinking, and empathy for others.”(more)

Foreign language skills important in our global environment

Delaware Online – Dr. Annette Giesecke

“Fluency in a foreign language involves knowledge beyond ordering meals in a restaurant. Foreign language students are students of literature, business, art, history and diplomacy. They understand the complex intricacies of world cultures and can effectively communicate to promote mutual respect, cooperation and problem solving in an increasingly global and multicultural environment. There are also less obvious benefits of foreign language study. Research has shown that foreign language study helps children develop cognitive skills and native language reading ability. Foreign language study enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students of foreign language are not limited by the restrictions of a single perspective or world view. They employ diverse approaches to problem solving…”(more)

Instilling success through languages

KPNX – JR Cardenas & Christopher Latella

“If Spanish is considered, by some, to be the language of the Gods, then Mandarin may very well be the language of the future. At Arizona Language Preparatory, in Northeast Phoenix, students are taught both Spanish and Mandarin alongside English. Arizona Language Preparatory is a charter school with the aim of helping their students achieve their fullest potential through an immersion in a trilingual education…”There’s a lot of scientific evidence out there that learning a different language also enhances your learning in other areas,” Michael Girety, a parent with three children in the school, said. “…they’ve taken state testing, and all of that, and their state testing scores exceeded the average, despite the fact that they spend a majority of their time learning other languages.””(more)

The Future Speaks Chinese

Asia Society – Jeff Wang

“Foreign language study isn’t just about training every student to replace a translator; it’s about building a society of citizens that invoke mutual trust, respect, and possess the disposition to collaborate. These are critical elements of a world seeking a shared sense and responsibility for security and prosperity…We believe that making sure more of our young people learn and master a global language affords them not only advantages in career opportunities, but also the lifelong gift of fostering tolerance, sensitivity, and curiosity. Put simply, with every passing day it becomes clearer, and easier to make the case: The future really does speak Chinese; and that future holds more promise for the United States, if more of its citizens become students of the language.”(more)