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College readiness versus college completion: Variations by race

Thomas B. Fordham Institute – Michael J. Petrilli

“Helping lots more young Americans get “to and through” four-year college degrees is a major goal of public policy and philanthropy. In 2009, President Obama set the target of leading the world in college completion by 2020. The Lumina Foundation aspires to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates, and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. And the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spent over seven years and half a billion dollars on strategies aimed at increasing college completion…That’s all well and good. But as I’ve argued before, even these heroic efforts are unlikely to add up to much until we dramatically boost the number of young Americans who are ready for college in the first place.”(more)

Physically Unfit Teens More Prone To Develop Type 2 Diabetes

Chronicle Council – Adam Martin

“Scientists from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai found that lack of fitness in teen years is strongly associated with a high risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes later in life. Study authors also found that the risk was similar in all participants regardless of their weight. The study revealed a link between poor muscle strength and physical fitness in youth and an above average risk of developing diabetes in adulthood.”(more)

Preparing our children now for financial success

La Vernia News – Barbara Magor Deel

“Every responsible adult knows “tax day” is in April, although this year as the government celebrates Emancipation Day April 15 — we get a reprieve until April 18 to file our taxes. But most taxpayers may not be aware that this coincides with National Financial Literacy Month, which has been promoted since 2003 as the month to teach Americans how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits…Schools as well as parents, play a significant role in the lives of young people as they develop into independent, capable members of communities…For young adults, mastering their personal finances allows them to concentrate on learning and having fun, and not having some of the most important years in their lives sidetracked by money troubles. The major advantage of financial literacy will be self-evident as students grow older and financial decisions become more important and will have far reaching rewards in personal, family, and community success.”(more)

Kids and Homework: Backing Off Is Best

The Huffington Post – Grete DeAngelo

“A recent study has been released that says helicopter parenting, especially in schoolwork, might backfire when it comes to promoting student success. You might think the most involved parents have the best students, but it’s not necessarily the case. Kids who never have to create their own task list and prioritize their assignments don’t develop the skills to do so. Kids who aren’t used to being held accountable don’t learn responsibility. Our best intentions in helping our kids stay on track can fall short. I’ve been teaching for ten years now, and I have a few cases every year of students whose families I am begging to get more involved. The main thing I ask is that they give their children the time and routine to sit down each night and do their homework…These are the suggestions I offer at parent-teacher night (this is advice for kids in middle school and high school, not very young children):”(more)

Students bring Chinese culture to US high schools


“Keqing Lu, a high school student in Jiangsu province, was amazed by how different US high school life is after she saw her new American friends partying, driving and playing sports after school. Lu is among almost 200 Chinese Sino-American Youth Ambassadors (SAYA), students from six high schools in Jiangsu who were selected for the program by the Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation (AECEF)…Current American college students and recent graduates presented their campus experiences to the Chinese college-bound students who will likely be studying at US institutions in the future…The Chinese students will spend two weeks in the US. In the first week, they will go to a high school in North Carolina to experience American high school life and teach Chinese…Open to both American and Chinese students, SAYA is designed to bring greater international awareness and cultural diversity to high school campuses, with students serving as cultural ambassadors…”(more)

Federal proposal seeks to create summer and youth jobs

The Washington Post – Steven Mufson

“The Obama administration unveiled a $5.5 billion proposal to create summer and first-time jobs for youths over four years and a $2 billion scheme to create apprenticeships over five years, the latest in a series of ideas that will be included in the federal budget plan next week. The proposals — part of a $12.5 billion package of new spending over five years — includes $3 billion to train people to lure firms to the United States from abroad or to keep them from leaving. The administration also plans to ask Congress to approve $2 billion in competitive grants that would be jointly administered by the Labor and Education Departments. The budget, especially in a president’s eighth year, is often more of an aspirational document than a real-life tax and spending plan, but President Obama has vowed to search for additional common ground with Congress during his final year in office.”(more)