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STEM Education Growing in Developing Countries

The Herald – Megan Ivy

“The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are being heavily encouraged in developed countries, but developing regions are also encouraging and financing STEM education.”(more)

These Girls Complain If They Can’t Go To School

NPR – Marc Silver

“Hello pencils, hello books, hello teacher’s dirty looks. Yes, school is back in session. And students are no doubt grumbling about the end of the carefree summer. But in some parts of the world, there are kids who don’t get a chance to complain about what a drag it is to go back to school. Because they really want to go to school … only they’re not able. A lot of them are girls. The theory has been that sometimes parents simply don’t value an education for their daughters. Maybe the parents figure the girls will go on to marry and leave the family fold, so they are unlikely to give any money back to Mom and Dad. Or maybe the parents just want their daughters home to do chores. How do you fight the attitude? In Zimbabwe a couple of decades ago, well-meaning aid groups were putting up posters and running TV ads encouraging parents (many of whom did not even own TVs) to send their daughters to school, as if all they needed was a little friendly persuasion.”(more)

Zimbabwe: Reflections On Education

All Africa – Staff Writer

“Considering the importance of the educational process, parents, schools, students and indeed the Government should always review and reflect on this system to evaluate if it is producing the desired results.”(more)

Zimbabwe: Sciences Are for Everyone

All Africa – Staff Writer

“It is never too late for girls to cultivate the science principles in their minds. It helps to train the mind and avoid using calculators in order to develop the capacity to think beyond the basics.”(more)

Zimbabwe: In Zimbabwe, Learning Chinese Is a Lucrative Investment

All Africa – Tonderayi Mukeredzi

“Learning Chinese as a second or third language has been a global trend in the last few years. In Africa, the rapid increase of Chinese investments and trade (China is currently the continent’s biggest trading partner) has spurred the trend.”(more)

Zimbabwe: Reading Culture Must Not Be Suffocated

All Africa- Staff Writer

“But in the end it does not matter whether people read from printed paper or from a screen, so long as they love reading. And it is the lack of this love of reading that is so worrying.”(more)