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Changing The Face Of STEM For Women

Forbes – Katie Elizabeth

“I always knew I wanted to build a company. As a child, my fantasies of the “future me” involved me sitting at the head of a table in a suit as the founder and CEO of a major, global company. That vision, however, never included connections to engineering, technology, math or science. Math was one of my hardest subjects, and anything technology/engineering seemed like a foreign language from a far off galaxy. I never thought STEM was important until I decided to launch my own company. Suddenly, science, technology, engineering and math really seemed to matter. Unfortunately for many women of my generation and those that came before me the sciences seemed like a foreign and intimidating place. However, today there are some pretty serious initiatives to alter this narrative and change how women, particularly girls and young women, feel about STEM subjects. From books such as Rosie Revere, Engineer to women like Dr. Anna Powers, founder of Powers Education, serious efforts to attract and retain women in STEM careers are on the rise.”(more)

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