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China Moving Up Global Education Innovation Rankings

Education News – Kylie Ullmann

“Investment in innovation on a global scale has not yet recovered to levels seen before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2009. Despite this, the first middle-income country has joined the top 25 countries currently leading innovation. ‘The Global Innovation Index 2016’ (GII), a collaborative project by INSEAD, Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), ranks economies on innovation capability along with openness of economies for global partnerships and investment in R&D, writes Mark Dorman of Yahoo! The index ranks more than 100 countries by 82 innovation indicators and has identified China to be the leader in ‘innovation quality’ among middle-income countries, ranking 17th – a vast improvement from 29th in 2015, reports Reuters. Other countries leading in innovation quality include Japan, the USA, the UK and Germany. This indicator evaluates university output including the number of scientific articles published and filings for patents, writes Dorman.”(more)

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