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Commentary: U.S. kids falling further behind apparently isn’t news

The East Bay Times – Patrick Mattimore

“The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has conducted an international study of 15-year-olds’ competencies in reading, mathematics and science every three years since 2000. In that study’s December 2016 reported results — the 2015 Program for International Student Assessment (Pisa) — U.S. students ranked average in reading and science, and well below average in math. American students ranked 20th in reading, 19th in science and 31st in math compared to students in 35 OECD countries, dropping since 2009 from 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in mathematics. Calling the PISA results “sobering news,” U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. acknowledged that U.S. students are well behind their peers.”(more)

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