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Daily Affirmations for Teacher Anxiety

Education World – Staff Writer

“For teachers, anxiety is a part of the job. The late-night worries. Consistently questioning everything. The revision, and the revising of the revision. Teachers have the tendency to feel like they are “never good enough.” And for better or worse, it is sometimes this tendency that inspires us to achieve the impossible. We expect excellence in our students, and our students expect that same excellence from us. It’s a lot of pressure to live up to. For younger teachers, it is the anxiety of entering a new field: the organization, the showmanship, the never-ending flow of grading and meetings. For veteran educators, it’s about the ever-changing landscape of the job: new standards, new expectations, new technology, new students. For all of us, it is wanting the very best for those we mentor, and holding ourselves to the highest of standards in order to give them the education and support they deserve.”(more)

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