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Dear Congress: tomorrow’s STEM leaders need your support today

The Hill – Corlis Murray

“Investing in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students is especially critical for healthcare companies: These are the minds that will create the next breakthrough inventions that help people live not just longer – but better. And it’s not just Ph.Ds. and inventors that we need. We also need a strong talent pipeline of people with the technical skills necessary to staff labs, build prototypes, write code and fill many, many other STEM-related jobs. Behind every healthcare inventor is a team full of people with a variety of scientific skill sets. I am the head of quality, regulatory and engineering services at Abbott, a Chicago-based healthcare company. I also represent an extreme minority in the field of engineering today: As an African-American, female engineer, I’m 10 times more rare than a woman in Congress.”(more)

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