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Do the math: Education is the most effective jobs program. Let’s invest in it

Fox News – Harold O. Levy

“Democrats and Republicans agree that creating good jobs for American workers must be a priority for the Trump administration and Congress. But a report issued at the end of December by the White House warns that millions of American jobs could be wiped out by automation in the next 20 years as machines and self-driving vehicles gain new abilities with the help of artificial intelligence. The White House report reaches the same conclusion that many economists and educators across the partisan divide have called for: “American workers will need to be prepared with the education and training that can help them continue to succeed. Delivering this education and training will require significant investments” from preschool through college. What is needed now is a bipartisan commitment by all levels of government to invest billions of dollars to improve kindergarten-12th grade schools and make college more accessible and affordable.”(more)

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