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Early Childhood Education, Effective Parenting Not in Conflict

NewsWeek – Maryanne J. Kane

“My articles recognize the correlation between brain development and school success. Brain growth, approaches to life and learning, language skills: All these are shaped by what does—or does not—happen in a child’s first days, months, and years. In her article, “Brain Development Research Can Influence Early Childhood Curriculum,” author Judith Colbert stresses, “What happens in the earliest months and years is of greatest importance and has long-term consequences for later life.” Ponder the powerful implications of Colbert’s statement “long-term consequences for later life.” For example, a first grade child entering formal education may have serious problems remembering sight-words and/or simple math facts. Inappropriate behaviors erupt due to feelings of failure and inadequacy. The child, unable to verbalize his/her frustration, may demonstrate signs of aggression, withdrawal, depression, fear, hyper-tension. Teachers will utilize many strategies and additional personnel to serve this child’s needs: a math interventionist, a reading interventionist, a behavioral coach.”(more)

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