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Education Does Reduce Inequality

The Wall Street Journal – Dan Greenstein and Jamie Merisotis

“In recent months some of the leading economic minds in the country have declared that when it comes to explaining rising inequality, education doesn’t matter. Larry Summers, former Treasury secretary and former president of Harvard, said at the National Press Club in February that it’s an “evasion” to suggest education and training as a solution to inequality. “The core problem is that there aren’t enough jobs,” Mr. Summers said. “If you help some people, you could help them get the jobs, but then someone else won’t get the jobs.” Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist, piled on a few days later: “Rising inequality isn’t about who has the knowledge; it’s about who has the power.” We could use stronger rhetoric, but let’s say it this way: nonsense. Education remains the chief American institution that promotes economic and social mobility for poor and disadvantaged citizens. It’s not an evasion; it’s the direct answer to the question of what the nation needs to improve its talent pool and improve economic opportunity and social equality.”(more)

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