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Ensuring readiness for college and career begins in early childhood

The Ahwatukee Foothills News – Marie Raymond

“According to a national organization made of retired top military leaders, 71 percent of today’s young adults cannot join the military due to problems including education, obesity, crime and drug abuse. Mission: Readiness is comprised of more than 600 retired admirals, generals and top military leaders who advocate for high-quality early childhood experiences, including parent coaching and early education, to build a foundation for long-term success. ​The nonpartisan organization Council for a Strong America recently released a Citizen-Readiness Index that graded states on whether their young adults possess the necessary skills to contribute to a strong citizenry. Arizona earned a “D” based on the large number of young adults who are unprepared for the workforce, involved in crime, or unqualified for the military.”(more)

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