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First Signs Of Autism: How To Recognize Spectrum Disorder And Earliest Effective ASD Interventions

Medical Daily – Elana Glowatz

“For new or expecting parents, autism can be a worrying prospect. You are concerned about the health and welfare of your child, and the developmental disorder comes with hardships and unknowns. Although scientists have not yet found a way to prevent autism, early detection of the disorder could be helpful and perhaps make therapeutic interventions more successful. The autism advocacy group Autism Speaks hosts a checklist of symptoms in toddlers called an M-CHAT. It includes social signs like being uninterested in other children and not caring to show toys to a parent, as well as developmental signs. That latter group could include not sharing big smiles or other facial expressions; not babbling by 12 months or speaking by 16 months; not responding when you call their name; and not pointing or responding to your pointing.”(more)

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