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Five school tips for parents: Keep pushing.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution – Maureen Downey

“The popular narrative is today’s parents helicopter to the rescue too often, fostering an underemployed and overconfident generation with a $100-a-week latte habit and $30,000 in loans for degrees in folklore. But standing behind valedictorians and salutatorians are often intense and involved parents, overly so by most standards. I am reading the new book, “The Drive to Learn: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us About Raising Students Who Excel.” Author Cornelius Grove cites a common engine: highly involved parents who act as their children’s coach and participate in their learning with them, even reading the same assignments. Last week, I shared five parting tips for schools. From my perspective as both parent and education writer, here are five tips for parents borne of experience and observation:.”(more)

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