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From a Sea of Senate Questions: 6 Key Takeaways in Betsy DeVos’s Answers

The 74 Million – Matt Barnum

“All eyes were on the Senate as Betsy DeVos squeaked through a committee vote to get a chance to be confirmed by the full body as secretary of education. Her answers to the nearly 1,400 questions submitted by senators give a hint — though hardly a guarantee — of how she might govern if confirmed. Politico published her responses to several hundred of those queries posed by Democratic senators Robert Casey, Al Franken, Tim Kaine, Patty Murray, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. All voted against her nomination. (The published answers brought a new wave of controversy, as The Washington Post reported that a couple of passages seem to be cribbed from other sources without attribution; a White House spokesperson called the report “character assassination,” saying DeVos had long used similar language.).”(more)

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