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Get creative with 2017 resolution: Learn a new language in the new year

The Press Enterprise – CHARLOTTE DAVIDSON

“As the New Year is upon us, it’s time to reflect and formulate meaningful lists of goals for the coming months. Better habits often make up the list – less ice cream, more kale; less couch, more stairs; less computer, more face-to-face communication. Read more novels, write poetry, or my personal suggestion: Dive into language. Not the language you speak everyday but a new language. Or if you speak a language other than English, teach that language – to a friend, your partner, your children. Make the learning or teaching into a journey, make it fun. My fun journey started thirty years ago, when I married a Frenchman and moved to Paris. Though I had taken French in college, my rudimentary vocabulary was limited to the invention of such useful statements, as “the cow in the field likes to roller-skate.” I could order a coffee with milk and ask for the bill. I could not, however, understand how much money I owed the waiter or how to make my way to the restroom from his directions.”(more)

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