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Guest Column: Let’s talk about S.T.E.M. education

The Daily Tribune – Andrew Frisch

“Remember sitting in your math class and saying to yourself, “When am I ever going to use this stuff?” Or maybe you are working with your kids on science homework and they make the comment, “Do you (mom or dad) ever use this information in your life?” I imagine most of us have. As an educator these are valid questions. Why do we (teachers) expect students to learn the information we give them? To ensure their success in life, of course. However, as times change, we realize that education must change as well. We must help our students prepare for the demands of tomorrow’s society. S.T.E.M. education is based on our next generation’s workforce. There is an ever-increasing emphasis on S.T.E.M. education, but what is S.T.E.M.?.” (more)

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