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House Blocks Obama-Era ESSA Accountability, Teacher Prep Rules Over Democrats’ Objections

The 74 Million – Carolyn Phenicie

“The House Tuesday passed legislation blocking Obama administration regulations on school accountability, a move Democrats said could throw the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act into disarray. The action was part of a larger turning away by Congress from the education policies of the last president, starting with Tuesday’s bitterly fought vote in the Senate to confirm Betsy DeVos as education secretary. After DeVos received not a single Democratic vote and two Republican senators voted with the opposition, Vice President Mike Pence had to take the unprecedented step of breaking the 50–50 tie to secure her appointment to President Trump’s cabinet. Ultra-conservative House GOP members also saw an opening to introduce a bill that would abolish the Education Department, a long-sought but never-achieved goal among some Republicans.”(more)

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