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How art could help encourage kids to study science

Popular Science – Cassidy Mayeda

” That fascination never went away. Byron is most well known for her science-facing roles as a member of the build team on Mythbusters, and her recent role in Netflix’s The White Rabbit Project, but she has been a creator for as long as she can remember. Trained in film and sculpture, but with over a decade of experience diving head-first into wacky televised experiments, Byron also embodies a recent push towards STEAM education. STEAM includes arts in the traditional STEM cluster of science, technology, engineering and math. The move is controversial to many in both STEM and arts fields for distracting from the primary purposes of each discipline, whether it be the mastery of technical knowledge or divergent thinking and self-expression. Mixing the stereotypically “intuitive” with the “analytical” disciplines challenges conventional knowledge that the people have an aptitude for one or the other. But Byron, influenced from a young age by unconventional figures such as Ada Lovelace, has always believed in the happy marriage of the two. What she thinks is really important is getting kids excited about exploring their curiosity.”(more)

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