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How Districts Are Joining the Fight to Close a Troubling Training Gap Among America’s School Leaders

The 74 Million – Emmeline Zhao

“In the months after 9/11, news exploded about patriotic Americans who rushed to join the armed forces to serve their country. But that fateful day in 2001 inspired other kinds of patriots as well, civilians who decided to serve the country in less obvious ways. Christina Grant, for instance, then a recent college graduate, left her cushy, high-paying job at a New York City law firm to become a teacher. “I had this huge crisis of conscience,” she said. “I realized I couldn’t spend my life just making rich people richer.” Grant is now an assistant superintendent in the School District of Philadelphia. At just 38 years old, the former public school student has already taught in charters, opened and closed charter and public schools, worked in big-city education departments, and led a charter management organization.”(more)

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