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How do we know what learning will look like in the future? We don’t

The Hechinger Report – Liz Willen

“The new approaches come with some new buzzwords – such as student agency, technology-enabled learning and social and emotional learning, for example – but also with a lot of willingness to acknowledge a lack of answers. “These are folks trying to do something different, for academic progress and social and emotional progress, and measuring things like that are hard,” said Betheny Gross, who is leading a study of personalized learning at the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) in Seattle. “Does it work? We’ve got very little to go on.” Gross acknowledged that researchers are struggling, even as hundreds of school districts are recognizing that students “should be self-aware, know their own strengths, interests and pursue their personal and academic goals and learning passions,” (according to a definition from the Henry County Schools in Virginia passed out during the summit).”(more)

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