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How Schools Can Help Students Develop A Greater Sense Of Purpose

KQED News Mind/Shift – Linda Flanagan

“When Aly Buffett was a young girl struggling with reading, her parents brought in a tutor. The tutor told her, “You’re struggling right now, but I’m here with you, and you’re going to do amazing things,” Buffett said. Now 20 years old and a junior at Tulane University, Buffett believes her tutor’s warmth and confidence altered the path of her life. She realized that the steady support she’d received from her parents, teachers and tutor isn’t something every struggling child receives. “A lot of kids aren’t told, ‘You’re going to be successful, you’re going to achieve a lot,’ ” she said. Conscious of her good fortune, and grateful to all who helped her, Buffett is considering a career in politics so she can shape education or health policy. “I feel the need to pay it forward,” she said.”(more)

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