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How to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in kids

The Washington Post – Sarah Hamaker

“From seventh through 11th grade, I delivered the local afternoon newspaper to about 60 houses in my neighborhood. One of my clients liked to tell people she didn’t have a paper boy, but a paper girl. That job — and the support of clients for a girl in a traditionally male position — provided me with spending money and taught me how to persevere in adverse conditions (there’s nothing like having to deliver papers in the rain, snow, sleet and hot, steamy summer). The entrepreneurial spirit that spurred me to work hard as a young teen also beats in the hearts of kids today. “While some of the traditional jobs kids used to hold, such as paper routes, are no longer available, there are plenty of opportunities for children to earn money,” said Karley Sessoms, co-founder and owner of Next Gen Minipreneurs, which teaches children how to start their own business. “Kids are starting all kinds of businesses ranging from traditional lemonade and/or snack stands to setting up an Etsy shop online and selling homemade products, to creating a YouTube channel and generating revenue through ads.” Entrepreneurship taps into a child’s creativity and teaches important and practical skills. “Kids learn customer service, finances, marketing and other practical skills,” Sessoms said.”(more)

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