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In California, High Schools Are Partnering With Businesses, Community Colleges to Get Students College- and Career-Ready

The 74 Million – Mikhail Zinshteyn

“The city mantra that greets visitors driving through Woodland is “The Food Front,” but high school students in this rural stretch of northern California may not even know the half of it. “They’re surrounded by farmland,” said John Purcell, head of vegetables research and development at Bayer Crop Science, a major agriculture science player in the region. “But they just don’t understand really all that goes into modern food and agriculture. And I think that’s what’s so exciting about this opportunity.” If all goes according to plan, by next year Bayer will be in a partnership with Woodland Community College and a nearby high school to make good on a program that more than 100 schools have rolled out domestically and overseas.” (more)

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