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Is Career and Technical Education Just Enjoying Its 15 Minutes of Fame?

Education Next – Frederick Hess and RJ Martin

“Over the past couple years, career and technical edu­cation has garnered a lot of attention. Politico reported that 49 states and Washington, DC, enacted 241 career and technical education–related laws, executive actions, and budget provisions in 2017. The National Governors Association has tagged career and technical education as one of its 12 priorities, and Jobs for the Future has observed that career and technical educa­tion “has become the ‘next best thing’ in high school reform.” A 2018 AEI study found that career and tech­nical education was the only education issue a majority of gubernatorial candidates supported. Meanwhile, a 2018 analysis reported that the number of high school students concentrating in career education rose 22 percent, to 3.6 million, during the past decade.” (more)

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