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Lack of civics curriculum priority has longterm impact on students, admins

Education Dive – Shalina Chatlani

“Less than a quarter of 8th graders in the nation are proficient in civics, according to The National Association for Educational Progress’s latest report card from 2014. And in the NAEP’s assessment from 2010, which looked at civics education at the 4th, 8th, and 12th grade levels, the study found that while 4th graders made progress in civics from 1998, 8th and 12th graders made no progress at all. In this assessment just 27% of 4th graders, 22% of 8th graders, and 24% of 12th graders performed at proficient level, meaning that the majority of students don’t have a basic understanding of civics.”(more)

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