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Learning the lingo: Taking up a second language before we’re 3?

The Irish Examiner – Arlene Harris

“Dr David Carey, director of Psychology at City Colleges and Dean of the College of Progressive Education, says introducing children to new languages before they even start primary school is a great idea. “All children can learn another language at an early age and it’s a wonderful gift to give to them,” he says. “The young brain, before the age of 5, is able to learn to speak another language without developing an accent — to speak it like a native. “And when a foreign language it taught in a fun and engaging style, without an obsessive focus on grammar, it opens the world to them. While learning any skill builds confidence and self-esteem, language learning is intrinsically rewarding to children.” The experienced psychologist says incorporating a new language into your child’s everyday life in an engaging fashion is the best way to create interest.”(more)

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