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Mark Zuckerberg Is Learning Chinese. Here’s Why You Should, Too

INC – Glenn Leibowitz

“I’ve been following Mark Zuckerberg’s path to mastering Mandarin Chinese since his speech at Tsinghua University in Beijing in October 2014. At that event, Mark bravely managed to deliver his speech and answer questions from the audience – entirely in Chinese. Yes, as one expert noted at the time, he mangled his grammar and pronunciation. But he did what few (if any) CEOs of multi-billion-dollar companies have done during their business trips to China: He took the time to learn and speak the language. During the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in February last year, Mark and his wife Priscilla recorded a video with their adorable newborn daughter, Max. Again, Zuckerberg put his Mandarin chops on display for the entire world to hear.”(more)

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