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Math for America Retains Talented STEM Teachers through an “Ecosystem of Trust”

Education World – Richard Conkin

“Jason Garofalo has been a mathematics teacher for over 13 years. He currently teaches Algebra II to 11th and 12th graders at P.S. 310 Marble Hill in Bronx, New York. The school is small by borough standards with an enrollment of over 800 students. Being the only Algebra II teacher at the school means that Garofalo rarely, if ever, has the opportunity to engage in enlivened discussions about linear algebra or group theory with his colleagues. However, thanks to Math for America (MfA), a non-profit organization that supports the professional development of exceptional STEM teachers, Garofalo can interact with fellow mathematics teachers from around New York City who share similar intellectual and pedagogical pursuits. “I don’t get to have a deep conversation about my curriculum with other teachers at my school. So, being able to go to Math for America, and sit down with 20 Algebra II teachers and discuss the best way to approach the curriculum … that’s invaluable,” he told Education World.”(more)

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