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New science standards urge shift from ‘learning about’ to ‘figuring out’

Education Dive – Tara García Mathewson

“In at least 16 states, science education is undergoing a serious transformation. The key is three-dimensional teaching and learning, and even districts in states that have not adopted the Next Generation Science Standards may want to consider the shift. Janet Dykstra is a science content specialist working for nonprofit testing company Measured Progress to develop NGSS resources for classrooms as well as a curator of high school life science content for the National Science Teachers Association. As one of about 50 curators for the NSTA, Dykstra assesses science resources to determine how well they align with the Next Generation Science Standards and writes reviews for teachers to consider as they explore potential resources. An important instructional shift with NGSS is changing from simply telling students information they need to know to letting them figure it out. Students, then, go from “learning about to figuring out.” That doesn’t just mean doing more labs in science class, though.”(more)

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