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Of Babies and Bathwater: A Call to Thoughtfulness as We Embrace Individualized Learning

Ed Surge – Ryan Fuhrman

“Let me be up front. I am a big fan of individualized learning. In many ways, it seems to be the promised land that we have sought as teachers for a very long time: the ability to meet every student where they are and target their specific needs with purposeful, specific lessons to ensure their fullest potential is reached. But, I am very, very wary of individualized learning, too. Like all things, the details matter a great deal. Teachers have a long history of throwing the baby out with the bathwater in our pursuit of the next “great thing.” I think that is why teachers who have been around long enough will always talk about “The Pendulum” and its constant swing back from a new way of doing things to the old ways of doing things.”(more)

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