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Oregon asks, What if camp were part of school?

The Christian Science Monitor – Lilian Mongeau

“It was early evening. Dinner was done and caper crews of students – “caper” is campspeak for “chore” – had stacked the firewood into wheelbarrows, swept the dining hall, and cleaned the bathrooms. The fading light slanted through the trees as the girls from Dogwood Cabin headed back to their bunks to practice their end-of-week skit. “It’s not that bad,” a counselor called Ivy told the 11- and 12-year-olds, nervous about their coming debuts. “I remember doing it when I went to camp. It’s actually fun.” “Ivy” is really Kelsee Morgan, age 16, a junior in high school. Like every girl in her tent, she attends school in Crook County, in Oregon. And, like every girl in her tent, she went to this camp in May of sixth grade.”(more)

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