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This Year’s States With The Best & Worst School Systems

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

” The new report is out that ranks the states in the US that have the best, and the worst, school systems for children. School is an incredibly important part of our child’s lives, and sometimes it can feel like they spend more awake time at school than they do at home, and they likely do. It is a place where they can learn, both academically and socially, and it should be a safe place for them to grow and thrive. Parents take schools into consideration when moving if they have to relocate, and for very good reason.” (more)

Case Study: The 3 Pillars Guiding Learning Recovery — and Student Growth — at Our Denver Schools as We Rush to Catch Kids Up After the Pandemic

The 74 Million – Recardo Brooks

“The staff and board of University Prep Charter Schools stepped up this spring, recognizing an urgent need to develop an ambitious vision and catch-up plan that would support all children in getting back on track following more than a year of disruptions and struggles. Our objective: To ensure that, despite the significant challenges brought on by the pandemic, all our scholars will remain on track with grade-level performance, while receiving any and all supports they may need (academically, socially, emotionally and beyond).” (more)

How the 4 Cs prepare students for the real world

E-School News – Sandra Love

“According to educator Thomas Hoerr, the very notion of intelligence has changed. We no longer rely on the limits of our single mind to access the information resources we need to solve problems. Problem solving has always involved teamwork and cooperation. Today, however, open source programs, wikis, blogs, and other Web 2.0 technologies enable total strangers divided by space and time to collaborate.” (more)

Opinion: Learning math can improve your life

High School Insider – William Huang

“Many students complain and question math learning in school because they feel it isn’t necessary for their future lives. However, many students don’t realize that math is used and applied everywhere.” (more)

Media literacy: The interplay between education and media

The Jordan Times – Razan B. Nweiran and Christopher Hill

“Rapidly evolving, and increasingly complex, media and technology ecosystems have created a diminishing public trust in state-run media; sources of factual information and unbiased analysis. This has been accompanied by the blurring of boundaries between facts and opinions, the rise of hate speech and incitement, the deification of opinion, interpretations and personal experience of the “influencer”, and the rise of political polarisation, cognitive bias and populism in the national political and civil discourse.” (more)

Knowledge of language brings freedom and is good for your brain

I Am Expat – Staff Writer

“The children of expats often speak several languages. If they move to another country, they pick up the language in no time through school, sports clubs or extra guidance. That extra language knowledge brings freedom: the possibility to communicate easily with the people around you.” (more)

Did online learning mostly miss the mark?

E-School News – Laura Ascione

“Online learning has untapped potential for students across the nation, and while the COVID-19 pandemic forced classrooms online in early 2020, that doesn’t mean learning became more innovative and personalized. To what extent have educators used the pandemic as an opportunity to realize online learning’s benefits?” (more)

How to Develop Your Technical Skills: 6 New Hobbies to Learn

Make Use Of – Sadaf Tanzeem

“Do you spend most of your time sleeping, scrolling through your feed, or watching Netflix Chances are, you’re not doing anything productive because of your comfort zone. It’s time to think and act seriously. Fortunately, there’s a way out. You could replace your idle time with a new computer hobby. So let’s talk about the first thing you can do.” (more)

At 100 years old, Edmund Gordon thinks the key to schooling starts at home

The Washington Post – Laura Meckler

“Edmund W. Gordon has been thinking about child well-being for a long time. A respected scholar, a founding father of the Head Start preschool program and expert on educational testing, Gordon has been called the premier Black psychologist of his generation. He has published 18 books and is an emeritus professor at not one, but two Ivy League schools — Yale University and Teachers College at Columbia.” (more)