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An Ode to Elementary Schools

Education Next – Michael J. Petrilli

“Still, if I were king for a day, or even just superintendent of a large district, I would spend at least twenty-three of my twenty-four hours in charge obsessing about elementary schools. And that’s for four big reasons. First, these schools have the greatest potential impact on kids’ academic, social, and emotional progress. Partly that’s just basic math: Most children spend almost half of their K–12 time in elementary schools, usually six out of thirteen years. And those also happen to be the six years when kids tend to learn the most. To wit, the average student achievement gains during elementary school far outpace those seen before or after.” (more)

17 children’s books that help kids deal with big feelings

Romper – Tiffany Eve Lawrence

“Reading to our children at an early age feeds their imagination and opens up their mind’s eye to the possibilities in the world. But books can also help them make sense of how they feel and what they’re going through, which is why having some books about coping with emotions on their shelf can give kids an early start to facing their feelings and learning how to deal with them.” (more)

Milestones in Language Acquisition

Language Magazine – Staff Writer

“A guide to help initial assessment of language development in pre-K children and determine what type of intervention may be appropriate ” (more)

Too Much Focus on ‘Learning Loss’ Will Be a Historic Mistake

Edutopia – Stephen Merrill

“Despite the understandable skepticism—and all the adjustments and sacrifices we’ve grown accustomed to—a sort of miracle is materializing in the distance. Published reports from the Centers for Disease Control suggest that the vaccines are doing their slow, steady work, and just a few days ago the state of California announced that they expect to be “fully back to business by June 15.” The siege appears to be lifting, and this time a full return to schools across the nation, while perhaps months away, is almost certainly not a mirage.” (more)

Begin With The End: What’s The Purpose Of Schooling?

Forbes – Michael B. Horn

“What’s the purpose of schooling? Even though it may seem like a straightforward question, once you scratch the surface, it’s anything but. There are countless views on the topic. But as we seek to build schools back better—and not just return to how schools operated prior to the pandemic when the system writ large didn’t serve anyone particularly well—individual schooling communities must be clear about purpose and priorities.” (more)

Digital tools prove critical for early learners during COVID

E-School News – Matthew Cheek

“For early learners, nothing beats in-class learning. Having a teacher in close proximity to assess the needs of their students is critical for growth. 2020 threw a wrench in that format, forcing students and teachers to communicate digitally. While the year was disruptive on many levels, educators found ways to persevere. After all, sitting by idly and missing time to shape future generations simply was not an option. For all the pandemic is and was, it has forced positive growth, flexibility, adaptability, and innovation. Still, it has been tough on teachers and their students.” (more)

Kindergarten Transitions Are Never Easy. But the Pandemic Has Made It Harder.

Ed Surge – Emily Tate

“In an ordinary year, a child’s entrance into kindergarten is a major milestone for students and their families. The transition can be filled with trepidation, anticipation, eagerness and uncertainty. Some kids enter more prepared than others, with more support and more exposure to formal educational settings. Other children will have experienced nothing like it before.” (more)

Edtech is facilitating growth for students and educators, and it’s not done yet

District Administration – Graham Glass

“Since March last year, schools, colleges, students, and teachers have been on a roller coaster. They have seen their traditional education methods turned upside down with school closures, compelling everyone to quickly adapt to the new remote learning environment and teaching practices that were thrust upon them.” (more)

The Week in COVID & Education Policy: 18 Key Updates on Schools, Students and a ‘Pool COVID Testing’ Program That Could Be a National Model for Keeping Campuses Open

The 74 Million – John Bailey

“This is our weekly briefing on how the pandemic is shaping schools and education policy, vetted, as always, by AEI Visiting Fellow John Bailey. Click here to see the full archive. Get this weekly roundup, as well as rolling daily updates, delivered straight to your inbox — sign up for The 74 Newsletter.” (more)