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Before Kids’ Emotions Run High, Practice These Steps During Calmer Times

KQED News Mind/Shift – Deborah Farmer Kris

“As children file back into America’s classrooms, they bring with them “backpacks full of emotion,” says Katie Hurley, a child psychotherapist and author of “The Happy Kid Handbook.” And they are counting on adults to “work together to help them sort it out.”” (more)

Academic Performance Improved For School Kids Who Received Eyeglasses

Moms – Jessica Tucker

“Academic performance was found to improve for school kids who received eyeglasses, according to a new study. As such, when kids are provided pediatric eye care and vision problems can be determined early on, struggles students face by not being able to see clearly are mitigated by being given glasses, and the ability to do well in school increases dramatically.” (more)

Educators Concerned With Students’ New Mental & Physical Health Issues

Moms – Jessica Tucker

“Educators are concerned not only with students’ physical health but mental health as well, according to a new survey. This is because while everyone was focused on how excited teens should be to come back to school after being at home remote learning over the past year and a half, the levels of anxiety being felt were being overlooked. And as it turns out, social anxiety levels are much higher than anticipated.” (more)

5 Reasons to Use TV Commercials in World Language Classes

Edutopia – John Paul Obillos Dela Rosa

“Growing up, I was fascinated by how creative minds come up with TV commercials that not only entertain but also teach lessons about life in general. Never did I imagine that as a full-fledged world language teacher, I’d find TV commercials useful as language teaching materials.” (more)

Inspiring the Next Generation of Inventors Through STEM Education

Yahoo! – Alex Rogers

“As we all know, there are too many students whose paths don’t normally lead them into tech or other STEM careers. That’s why we built Thinkabit Lab (TL). Young people of all ages, backgrounds, and genders are invited to explore their interests in STEM. TL provides students with the opportunity to learn about patents, IoT, 5G, and tech careers directly from Qualcomm employees, who aim to inspire girls and students from diverse backgrounds to be inventors.” (more)

Why is it Important for K-12 Students to Understand Data and Statistics? ‘Understanding How Data is Used, How It’s Collected and Why It’s Collected Helps You Understand That You Can Be Empowered By It or You Can Be Manipulated By It,’ Says Professor Hollylynne Lee

NCSU – Janine Bowen

“Students and teachers are surrounded by data every day and often use it to inform their decisions without fully understanding where it came from or how it was compiled. This is one of many reasons Hollylynne Lee, Ph.D., professor of mathematics and statistics education in the NC State College of Education and a senior faculty fellow with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, believes statistics education is so important for both students and their teachers.” (more)

Teaching Empathy To Our Kids Is Vital For Emotional Intelligence

Moms – Larissa Marulli

“Teaching our children empathy is one of the most important skills we can instill in them. Emotional intelligence and emotional maturity are often overlooked when it comes to raising kids. We as moms respond quickly to physical needs and take care of those.” (more)

6 ways computer science energizes STEM learning

Smart Brief – Bobby Akers, Denise Isaac and Mike Bell

“Computer science curriculum gives students engaging pathways for STEM learning with a standards-aligned experience. Computer science can also leverage game-based learning, weave together engineering and math learning, and provide personalized pathways that support all learners — novice, mid-range and expert-level alike.” (more)