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Parents Can Do More To Foster Science Learning at Home: New Bayer 2016 Back-to-school Survey

PR News Wire – Anya Kamenetz

“Results of the 2016 Bayer Making Science Make Sense® initiative Back-to-School Survey released today reveals that parents can do more to nurture their children’s innate interest in science by leveraging everyday activities, such a cooking, doing the laundry, or exploring in the backyard, as science lessons for the family…The survey assesses extracurricular learning opportunities provided by parents outside of the classroom. These survey results further validate results from Bayer’s 2015 Facts of Science Education Survey that found teachers and parents agree that more hands-on, experiential learning must be adopted in order to improve science education for future generations. The 2016 Back-to-School Survey also found that parents say science is the number one school subject that children are interested in outside of the classroom. Despite this, parents who offered their children extracurricular activities in school subjects on a daily basis did so much more often in the subjects of English and math rather than in science.”(more)

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