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Personality Has Less Impact On Language Learning Than You Think

The Huffington Post – Steve Kaufmann

“There are so many myths surrounding language learning: You need to do this. You need to be that. You have to be musical and have an ear for music. You have to have a talent for language learning. One of the biggest myths I have come across though is that extroverts are the better language learners. I do not believe at all that you need to be an extrovert to learn a language. Language learning isn’t about your personality type, rather it comes down to whether or not you possess the three keys. The first key is attitude. You have to be interested in and like the language. You have to believe you’re going to achieve your goal. Your belief that you can achieve your goal is very important and I think the first-time language learner has a problem: they’ve never done it before. It easier to give in to insecurities if you’ve never achieved something before. But attitude is 70 per cent of the battle, and you have to go into language learning with the attitude that you will be successful.”(more)

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