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Please, Sir – sit! The tale of a learning support dog

The Guardian – Helen Pidd

“When litter at Huntington school in York got out of control recently, staff managed to sort it out pretty much overnight – not by replacing detentions with a mass litter pick, but by deploying their newest, cuddliest colleague: Rolo, the school dog. They made a short video for assembly, showing what a state the playground was in. “Rubbish, isn’t it?” ran the caption, followed swiftly by: “Do you know what would be really rubbish? If Rolo had to leave because of rubbish.” This masterstroke of emotional blackmail showed the five-month old chocolate labrador chomping innocently on a fizzy drink bottle lid and sniffing a discarded foil wrapper, looking up to the camera with big brown eyes.”(more)

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