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Pokemon Go’s Popularity Might Not Slow the Summer Slide But It has Other Powers

The 74 Million – Rebecca Liebson

“The game-changing release of mobile app Pokémon Go, has obsessed kids everywhere trying to “catch em’ all” this summer. The game, released several weeks ago, eclipsed a phenomenal 75 million downloads Tuesday. Because the app requires players seeking to level up to walk around and explore their surroundings — while trying not to trip over each or get hit by a car —it does provide a healthier alternative to the couch-potato requirements of traditional video games. The game uses players’ GPS location and augmented reality to blend the real and virtual worlds, allowing players to catch Pokémon and collect virtual goodies at designated landmarks called Pokéstops. While the game is helping kids stay somewhat physically active, making them at least leave the house during their summer break, does it also have the potential to keep their minds active while they’re out of school? David Uttal, a psychology and education professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, is a little skeptical that Pokemon Go can counter the summer slide, where the school year’s academic gains slip away, particularly for disadvantaged kids.”(more)

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