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Poll: More Than Half of New Yorkers Say They Would Prefer to Send Their Kid to a Public Charter School

The 74 Million – Kate Stringer

“Three in five New York City voters are dissatisfied with their city’s public schools and many would prefer to send their child to a charter, according to a poll released this week by Quinnipiac University. One in four New Yorkers said they were satisfied with their child’s education. To compare, nearly one in two (48 percent) Americans said they are satisfied with U.S. public education in 2014, according to a Gallup poll. More than half (51 percent) said they would prefer to send their child to a charter while more than one in three (37 percent) said they would send their child to a public school. The demand for charters was highest in the Bronx, where two in three (66 percent) parents said they’d prefer to send their child to a charter school and lowest in Manhattan, with less than one in two parents saying their would exercise that choice (44 percent).”(more)

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