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Portraits Without Pencils: Rethinking Drawing Instruction in Your Elementary Art Class

Education World – Danielle Dravenstadt

“Picture an important person in your life. Could you capture the shape of her eyes, the slope of her nose, and the curve of her grin in a drawing? From Leonardo da Vinci’s renowned muse to Pierre Auguste Renoir’s rosy portraits to the striking realism of Chuck Close, the human face has been an alluring and challenging subject for artists throughout history. Acclaimed artists are not alone in their interest in portraiture. Young children often depict real or imagined people in their drawings. However, just as many adults might be intimidated to pick up a pencil and draw a self-portrait, children too can be overwhelmed by this task that they so frequently face in art class. By introducing portraiture early and in developmentally appropriate ways, students can gain the confidence and skills to capture one of their favorite subjects—people.”(more)

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