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Press Release: 50-State Comparison: K-3 Quality and Companion Report

Education Commission of the States – Staff Writer

“As pre-K and K-3 programs play a significant role in building a foundation for which a student’s future educational successes can be built upon, it is important that both areas provide a cohesive, high-quality educational experience. While the pre-K years are a critical time for early childhood development and have recently received much policy attention, children are at risk of losing the gains made in high-quality pre-K programs if the academic rigor and developmental practice does not continue during the K-3 years. Improving quality not just in pre-K, but also in the K-3 years can help to ensure that children meet key benchmarks and increase the likelihood of long-term student success. The new 50-State Comparison: K-3 Quality from Education Commission of the States explores key state-level policies that impact the quality of K-3 programs. The Companion Report for this 50-State Comparison highlights significant research findings in key K-3 policy areas.”(more)

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