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Richard Branson Shares Details About His Experience With Dyslexia

The Huffington Post – Suzy Strutner

“Richard Branson wants people to think of dyslexia as an asset, not a weakness. The founder of Virgin recently described his experience with the disorder in a blog post for the U.K.’s Sunday Times, right before launching a new charity for dyslexia on Tuesday. Branson wrote that his dyslexia was “treated as a handicap” in school, which he stopped attending as a teenager. “There were some subjects where I drew a complete blank,” he wrote. “[Math] just didn’t make sense to me. I once did an IQ test and the questions seemed absurd. For years I hadn’t been able to work out the difference between gross and net.” However, the symptoms of dyslexia ― like slow reading, confusion with math and difficulty processing words ― are precisely what Branson says enabled him to build his business empire.”(more)

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