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Santa’s 2017 Naughty and Nice List for Education

Education Next – Frederick Hess

“Santa rang the other night, in a state of frustration. To make a long story short: He’d gotten a Gates grant to hire a big-shot education consulting firm to help flag who’d been naughty and who’d been nice this year (in years past, he said, he’d just winged it). As Santa put it, “Everyone’s in such a state, I thought it’d be a lot easier if I just had a clean rubric—a quick-and-easy way to determine who in education was naughty this year, and who was nice.” The problem, he said, was the firm had delivered the promised PowerPoint—”and it wasn’t cheap!”—but it had left him nonplussed. He said he was reaching out to see if I’d take a look and offer any thoughts. (We’d served on a commission together a while back and hit it off.) Anyway, I figured I’d also share it for your consideration.”(more)

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