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Six Foreign Languages That Will Get You Highly Paid Jobs

Life Hacker – S.Shanthi

“Learning new languages not only helps in better brain function or a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s, but also gives your CV an added advantage over other applicants. Knowing various languages can give a competitive edge over other applicants going for the same job. Because travel has become a part of all top work profiles and knowledge of a foreign language makes travel easier.According to the American Council on the Teaching of foreign languages, knowing various foreign languages can help in seeking jobs in the field of retail, sales, administration, marketing, transportation and tourism, communication, banking, law, teaching, as well as public relations and government. A British Chambers of Commerce study from 2013 found that more than 60 per cent of companies who want to do business in other countries, including exporting products, are unable to do so due to language barriers. Becoming the candidate who is able to communicate in a desired foreign language will make one that much more valuable asset to any company which is looking to expand into other countries.”(more)

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