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Space Matters: Lessons Learned from an Active-Learning Classroom

Ed Surge – Cindy Cogswell and Mike Goudzwaard

“Too many discussions of edtech focus on tools (like tablets, clickers, learning-management systems, smart boards, etc). More thought should be spent on the design of the classroom itself. Two years ago we renovated an old computer lab into an active learning classroom. The idea was to make the room, Carson 61, into an incubator—to spark similar classroom redesigns all over campus. As at many colleges, the classroom started out with fixed rows of tables, and tower computers.. There was a clear front of the room, with a large fixed podium and a single projector. In our redesign, we carted all that off and brought in moveable furniture, flexible lighting zones, about half a dozen projectors, and whiteboards on every wall—and not a single installed computer.”(more)

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