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STEAM education starts early with the right books

The News and Observer – Susie Wilde

“STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) is one of the best educational initiatives in a long while. Its purpose is to educate children for the future in which they’ll live. When Maria Hitt from The Orange County Partnership for Young Children contacted me to co-present on the subject, I had my doubts. “Really,” I asked, “Technology and engineering for children that young?” She quickly convinced me speaking of preschool technology tools (crayons, scissors, shovels, brooms, hoes, egg beaters …) and engineering that happens in block corners and sand boxes. I know the importance of nurturing the innate curiosity of young children, so Hitt and I composed a workshop to nourish STEAM in preschools. She presented a slew of educational STEAM resources. I focused on the books – some of which I share below.”(more)

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