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Step by step, schools push to get kids walking

The Star – Andrea Gordon

“The sighting occurs at 8:15 on a weekday morning in front of Eagle Plains Public School in Brampton. The January air is chilly, the sky slate grey when suddenly it appears — an unusual type of traffic jam. Not the kind featuring plumes of exhaust and flashing signals, but another phenomenon, seldom seen on suburban streets before the morning bell rings. Could it be a pedestrian rush hour? People are walking, in twos and threes and big noisy groups. Wrapped in scarves, zipped into puffy jackets. Kids and parents, grandparents and babysitters, collecting friends along the way. Not only that, it’s apparently a daily occurrence at this elementary school of 600. Where are the honks? The hum of idling SUVs? Instead children’s chatter, calls of “hi there!” and “good morning!” fill the air.”(more)

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